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Windows 10 GodMode

How To Activate GodMode In Windows 10

With Windows 10, settings are split between the new Settings app and the old phasing out Control Panel. I like the convenience of having all the Windows commands in one place, but… Windows doesn’t apparently have that option, unless you enable GodMode.

GodMode is a hidden feature that, by enabling it, creates a dedicated folder that lets you have all available tweaks in one place. The GodMode feature offers users easy access to many features and customization options, all in a single interface. To make it easier,

Configure Outlook 2003 with Outlook.com

Configure Outlook to connect to an Outlook.com account

In November 2015, Microsoft announced changes to their Outlook.com services that will impact your ability to send/receive emails if you’re using any email account @hotmail, @live, @msn, @outlook.com. They have also provided a guide on how to fix the problem if, at some point, you stop receiving emails to your Office Outlook email client. While Microsoft’s solution works on most cases, unfortunately it doesn’t on some.
Here’s a guide how to set up Outlook to work with your Hotmail account…

My Documents folder opens at Windows Startup

My Documents Folder Opens At Windows System Startup

Recently, I was working on-site at a client’s facility to install a custom application on a PC running Windows XP SP3.
I have the (good) habit of always restarting the system before any installation on someone else’s PC. This allows me to monitor the startup process and notice if any unusual behavior exists.
Booting was fine, after logging in I saw the My Documents folder opening up. This normally happens when a change in the Windows Registry has occurred. It is not a serious problem, it doesn’t cause any damage, but it’s certainly annoying. To fix it, you need to check the Windows Registry and make sure the proper entry is inserted…

How to create automated backups using Microsoft SyncToy

How to create automated backups using Microsoft SyncToy

Always have duplicate copies of your most important information saved in a different location to keep it safe in case anything goes badly wrong with your computer.

Data loss can happen unexpectedly and suddenly, often without warnings – computer crashes, virus infection, hard drive failure, physical computer damage, theft.

In this guide I will show you how to create a SyncToy task that automatically schedules backups of your chosen folders to an external drive, internal drive (a different one from where your source folders are located), flash drive, network share, or a cloud service. We are going to use the Free SyncToy tool and Windows Task Scheduler. This guide is for Windows 7 users, however, it can also be implemented on Windows XP, Windows Vista (What?!! You’re really using that??), Windows 8 / 8.1.

Disinstallare Office a Portata di Click

Per disinstallare completamente Microsoft Office devi scaricare ed eseguire gli strumenti messi a disposizione da Microsoft stessa.

Se hai Office 2010, scarica il file necessario (Microsoft Fix it 50450) da questo link http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9737366 ed esegui come amministratore .

Se invece hai Office 2007,

How to access System Volume Information

System Volume Information, as all other system files in Windows, are hidden by default. If you need to look at what’s inside that folder, here is a step-by-step guide to help you with such task. Frankly, you don’t really need to see what’s inside of it, but if you’re curious or just because this folder is daring you with that “no, you can’t look inside!”… darn it!.. It is YOUR computer, isn’t it?