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What Is The Domain Redemption Period?

The redemption period is a Domain Registry period of up to 30 days that occurs when a domain name is deleted after having expired unrenewed. Instead of just getting deleted and returning to the pool of domain names available for registration, the existing registry keeps a hold on the domain name in a what is technically called as REDEMPTION PERIOD. During this 30-day redemption period, the original domain registrant (owner of the domain) is allowed to retrieve the domain name from deletion by contacting their Registrar. This process costs an additional fee.

This extra 30-day period (redemption period) extends the time available to renew expired domain names by 30 days. However, all names that enter the redemption period are

.ASIA, .CN, .HK Domain Name Registration Scam

This has been going on for several years and still happening. Unfortunately, there are still domain owners that are falling for it. My intent here is to make more webmasters, domain names owners/investors, aware of such scams and lower the number of victims.

Yesterday I received the following message in my inbox, claiming to be from China Domain Registration Service and warning me that my company brand was in danger of being registered by a third-party.
Here is the message I received, which I’ve included divided into Internet Headers and Body: