Displaying Last Modification Date

Display information about the last time your web page was modified.

Displaying the last modified date and time of a web page is important for a web page with changing content.

A small line of JavaScript code will generate the date and time that you last saved your web page. Usually this information appears at the bottom of the web page. JavaScript uses the document.write() method to generate text, and the document.lastModified property to store the date and time when you last saved your web page. The JavaScript code must be enclosed within a starting and ending script tag.

The date and time information that appears is based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and it indicates when you last saved the web page on the web server.

Automatically Reload A Web Page

Web Designers needing to have a particular page to auto-reload, can easily accomplish such task just by adding a meta tag within the head section.

A web page containing dynamic content (weather, news, etc.) can change periodically. Refreshing the page ensures that users can see the most recent information.

Place a meta tag within the head section,
set the http-equiv attribute to a value of refresh,
then set the content attribute to the number of seconds you want the web page to automatically refresh.

Mad World: Which One Is Your Favorite Version?

The song Mad World was written and originally recorded by English duo Tears for Fears (Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith) in 1982, produced by Chris Hughes, a former drummer with Adam And The Ants and was released in 1983 on their debut album, The Hurting.

Several covers of this song have been released, with the one by Gary Jules probably being the most popular. There are other covers worth mentioning; here I list some of them: which one is your favorite?

Italy Proposes An Entirely Illegal Google Tax

Shame, shame, shame on the italian government.

They’re squeezing their own citizens, looking under rocks and couches, wherever they can find a few cents. People don’t make it through the 3rd week of each month; pensions are granted after a minimum of 40 years of employment, and they give a misery to the recipients. Yet, it is enough to be part of their “circle of trust”, working in the government for only 3 1/2 years and be eligible to a golden pension, measured to a minimum of 5 times higher than a regular pension of 40 years employment, with no limit!
This is the same government that, at one point, also had the porno star Cicciolina (Ilona Staller). Her qualifications? She knew how to make all those crooks in the government smile.

Bitcoin, la moneta virtuale, ora ha anche il suo Bancomat

Bitcoin, la moneta ”virtuale” ha adesso anche il suo primo sportello Bancomat. Lo ha aperto martedì scorso in una caffetteria di Vancouver, in Canada, la società Robocoin, del Nevada. Un vero e proprio sportello dove scambiare il proprio denaro per comprare o vendere Bitcoin. Nel dettaglio il Bancomat consente di scambiare la valuta virtuale con dollari canadesi e viceversa. Funziona effettuando la scansione della mano dell’utente per far si che non venga superato un limite giornaliero di scambio di 3mila dollari canadesi, pari a quello previsto dalla legge anti-riciclaggio del Canada. Solo nel primo giorno, spiega Robocoin, sono state effettuate 81 transazioni per uno scambio di oltre 10mila dollari. Circa un terzo degli utilizzatori era alla sua ”prima volta”.

Facebook Changes Search Policy, Here’s How To Protect Your Privacy

Facebook will no longer allow you to keep your name hidden from searches within Facebook, taking out the “who can look up your Timeline by name” option from the site’s security settings. If you have the feature enabled, sometime in the coming weeks you’ll see a warning notice letting you know you’re now searchable.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky. Perfect for Michael Jackson

Get Lucky by Daft Punk is an incredibly casual, laid-back disco groove, one of the summer’s defining sounds: Gliding across a shimmering, instantly recognizable Nile Rodgers guitar riff and a light electronica pulsation courtesy of the robots, Pharrell Williams lays on his velvety smooth, if not slightly off-key vocals across the track.

HTML – Dynamic Background Colors

HTML Tips & Tricks – Change background colors at the push of a button.
Here is a way to let users change the background color of your web page. You can create buttons using the input tag with the type attribute set to button. Then, assign the JavaScript code that changes the background color to the one set by the button. The color of the background is stored in the JavaScript variable document.bgColor.

Disinstallare Office a Portata di Click

Per disinstallare completamente Microsoft Office devi scaricare ed eseguire gli strumenti messi a disposizione da Microsoft stessa.

Se hai Office 2010, scarica il file necessario (Microsoft Fix it 50450) da questo link http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9737366 ed esegui come amministratore .

Se invece hai Office 2007,

Svezia e Norvegia vogliono immondizia: “ci serve per scaldarci”

“Dateci i vostri rifiuti, altrimenti non sappiamo come scaldarci”.

Queste sono le contraddizioni della nostra epoca: quelli che per noi sono un problema, al Nord Europa sono una risorsa che scarseggia. Svezia e Norvegia infatti hanno realizzato uno tra i sistemi di raccolta differenziata più efficienti del Continente, ma ora non hanno la più pallida idea di come alimentare i propri termovalorizzatori che riscaldano le case di Oslo e Stoccolma.