Italy Proposes An Entirely Illegal Google Tax

Shame, shame, shame on the italian government.

They’re squeezing their own citizens, looking under rocks and couches, wherever they can find a few cents. People don’t make it through the 3rd week of each month; pensions are granted after a minimum of 40 years of employment, and they give a misery to the recipients. Yet, it is enough to be part of their “circle of trust”, working in the government for only 3 1/2 years to be entitled to a golden pension, measured to a minimum of 5 times higher than a regular pension of 40 years employment, with no limit!

This is the same government that, at one point, also had the porno star Cicciolina (Ilona Staller). Her qualifications? She knew how to make all those crooks in the government smile.

Now they want to impose taxes on Google and other international companies that have their European headquarters in a country that’s part of the European Union. But… isn’t that the idea behind the “Union”? Free trade, tax-exempt sales of goods and services, etc…??

italian government

“It really is about time that European politicians understood the laws and rules that they have all already signed up for. Then we’d have fewer proposals like this one for a Google Tax. A Google Tax that would simply be illegal inside the European Union. The basic problem is that various…” [read entire article]

Italy has a president that is NOT elected by its citizens. The government creates new laws and changes them at will… once in a while there’s a “referendum” where it is asked for the citizens’ opinion about a particular law whether it should be changed or nulled. With the results in, people’s wish is to change such law in question, nothing changes.

They tax everything, they even tax small store owners for what they call a shade tax. Yes, if you have a store, a restaurant, any type of commercial establishment, and you have awnings above your front door, you must pay a tax for the shade that awning makes!

If you attach a flyer, an ad, on the inside of your store’s front door, you must pay an advertising tax.

Did you ever believe italy (lower case on purpose) was a democratic country? Wrong! It is a dictatorship that’s killing its own people. Cases of suicides on a daily basis, people who have lost their jobs and don’t know what to do to feed their families, hundreds of thousand of businesses have closed in the last 2 years.

Oh, and if you think you have a great idea and want to start a business… think again. They make you fail even before you start! With all the bureaucracy and taxes imposed, apart from the frustration of making you wait indefinitely, they make your life miserable. They kill your entrepreneurial spirit.

Did you know… if you own a business you have a minimum tax to pay, plus tax on your profit. They calculate taxes due based on the type of business you own, the size of your store, then they tell you this is the minimum you must pay! That’s whether you have had any sales or not!

In the average, business owners pay 60% tax on their sales.

All of the above is only a very short summary of what these thieves do.



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