Improve Your Customers Engagement Using Social Media Templates

Who will not agree if I say that visual content on social media is king? Everyone wants to establish a strong online identity. It is possible to get noticed thanks to your profiles on social networks. For this reason, I decided to prepare a selection of the most engaging social media templates. Let’s get straight to them…

Pastel – Instagram Stories & Posts

Pastel - Instagram Stories & Posts Social Media

Pastel – Instagram Stories & Posts Social Media

Upgrade your Instagram profile using these pre-designed stories and posts. The package consists of the following components:
  • 15 stories for Instagram (1280×1920);
  • 15 square templates for Instagram (1200×1200);
  • 2 color schemes.
I am pretty sure that they will help you connecting with your followers.

Facebook Timeline Bundle – 10 Cover Photos

10 Cover Photos For Facebook Timeline Bundle Donwload

This exclusive bundle consists of 10 cover photos carefully-crafted for your perfect Facebook timeline. They can be easily used to showcase such topics as: 
  • coffee shop;
  • grill bar;
  • showroom;
  • floral design agency;
  • auto services;
  • creative design agency;
  • travel agency;
  • consulting business;
  • cosmetics shop;
  • electronics and gadgets.
Each of them is provided in PSD format and can be easily edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Instagram – Banners Bundle

Instagram Colorful Banner Social Media

Are you looking for Instagram banners that allow presenting your business in a consistent manner? Get your new posts published in a jiffy using one of the best social media templates. All you need to do is replace text and images with your own. After these simple steps, you are ready to share them with your target audience.

Entrepreneurial – 200 Ready-to-Use Quotes

200 Ready-to-Use Entrepreneurial Quotes Social Media
Do you have struggles in terms of creating the attention-grabbing and remarkable content? This pack of 200 ready-to-use inspiring quotes will provide you with masses of carefully-selected motivational content. Make certain to share them with others and increase engagement. You are free to choose from images with black or white texts. In addition to this, it is possible to choose whether you want to use a transparent, white, or black background.

Fashion – Promotional Instagram Banners

Fashion Promotional Instagram Social Media
Do you want to maintain your brand aesthetic? This can be done thanks to the best textures templates that will be implemented in your images. Yet, you can keep an excellent look of your Instagram posts using these fashionable banners. There are 9 files that are presented in the size of 1080×1080 px. Each of them is capable of promoting your products and latest deals.

YouTube – Cover Templates

YouTube Cover Template For Fashion Store Social Media
Do not waste your time and money on getting a custom design of your channel cover. Grab this fully-editable file that does not require any special efforts from you. Just edit images and text. Then, it will take you absolutely nothing to grab the attention of your potential viewers.

Colorful – Instagram Banners Pack

Colorful Instagram Banner Pack Social Media Donwload

This vibrant package will assist you in creating posts that will stand out from the general Instagram feed. They are perfect for promoting all the topics your soul wants. This pack includes traveling, fashion, lifestyle, and more. Keep in mind that they should be edited in Adobe Illustrator.

Electronics – Cover Photo For Facebook Timeline

Electronics Cover Photo For Facebook Timeline Social Media
If your Facebook page has something to do with electronics, make sure to grab this template. You can easily replace images and text. As a result, it will be no doubt that people will turn their attention to your page.

Clean Style – Instagram Stories Package

Clean Style Instagram Story Package Social Media
You do not have to be a skilled graphic designer in order to create something special and original. Rock your audience using this package that allows creating the most stylish and eye-catching Instagram stories ever. Anyway, I can ask you a question. Are you a graphic designer who wants his or her talent and work to be promoted? In this case, you need to look through these stunning WordPress graphic design themes.

Plus – Social Media Pack

Plus - Pack Social Media
Promote your fashion, interior design, photography, and other businesses using this unique social media pack. Actually, its components are perfect for all business owners. Take a look at them:    
  • Facebook (1200×1200 px);
  • Instagram Stories (1080×1920 px);
  • Instagram (1080×1080 px);
  • Twitter (1024×1024 px);
  • Pinterest (736×736 px).

Elegant – 1,000 Unique Quotes

1,000 Unique and Elegant Quotes Social Media
Get ready to inspire your audience with this package that includes over 1000 carefully-designed quotes:
  • 53 travel quotes;
  • 61 eco quotes;
  • 150 deep quotes;
  • 200 entrepreneur quotes;
  • 200 essential social media quotes;
  • 150 inspirational quotes;
  • 300 short quotes.

Hello – Social Media Pack

Hello Pack Social MediaDonwload
Here’s another social media pack that will certainly meet your needs. Different lifestyle and business will turn out to be more engaging thanks to:    
  • 12 square templates for Instagram (1200×1200 px).
  • 12 horizontal templates for Facebook (1200×627 px).
  • 12 vertical templates for Pinterest (1200×1500 px).

Facebook – Cover Photos Design 

Facebook Cover Photo Design Social Media
Grow your business with this memorable cover photo for your Facebook page. All its elements are editable and customizable. There are four files that are available in four color variations.  

Animated – Instagram Video Templates for Photoshop  

Animated - Instagram Video Templates for Photoshop Social Media

Instagram Video Templates for Photoshop

If you are interested in boosting your Instagram presence, try to impress your followers using these 30+ layered PSD files. They come together with different smart objects. Furthermore, you are free to change fonts, colors and text. Are you not fond of moving videos? You can always save a screenshot and get a regular photo. Your possibilities are endless.

Modern – Social Media Kit (Vol. 6)

Modern Social Media Kit (Vol. 6) Social Media


This social media kit can be called a great choice for bloggers, fashion and lifestyle brands, magazines, and creative business. It contains 10 easy-to-edit and fully-customizable pictures that allow standing out from the crowd in a flash.  

SINBAD – Social Media Pack

SINBAD Social Media Pack Social Media


These elegant and modern banners will make your social networks become better. It will take you only a few clicks to customize colors, text, and photos. To cut a long story short, you will get:
  • 14 square templates for Instagram (1200×1200 px);
  • 14 horizontal templates for Facebook (1200×627 px);
  • 14 vertical templates for Pinterest (1200×1500 px);
  • two colors schemes.

Minimal – Instagram Puzzle Grid 

Minimal Instagram Puzzle Grid Social Media
This minimalist puzzle grid is something that you should certainly pay your attention to. It includes pre-made posts that will allow you to forget about a time-consuming process of getting them ready. It will automatically generate your images and posts. As a result, you do not need to plan your designs ahead. Only one click and the job is done for you.

Business – Facebook Cover

Business Facebook Cover Social Media

Business Facebook Cover Social Media

A creative and exciting Facebook cover that will make your page distinguish itself from others. As the previous variants mentioned in the post, it also has a fully-editable nature. I am pretty sure that a combination of these components is capable of making your followers agape with wonder. Create a real extension of your identity using these amazing social media templates. Don’t be afraid to spread the word about your brand using them. All your fans will be able to recognize your accounts in a jiffy.
I hope that you have already chosen something from this collection.
Thanks for reading!



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