How To Control Who Can See Your Comments on Facebook

Here’s a real-life story that seems to be a tragic event, and in the end, there’s a solution to this one too. I will explain how to limit what selected Facebook friends can see on your timeline.
Hey, it could happen to any of us, right?

Hi! My name is April and I’m here to share my life-threatening experience. At first I was desperate, but then I survived and found my peace of mind thanks to my good friend Alyson. She has just been upgraded to be one of my number one friends!

I have tons of friends on Facebook and they can all see my Posts and comments. Unfortunately, something terrible happened between Jessica and Melissa, who are both my Friends on Facebook.

The other day Jessica was like, walking at the mall and stuff, and saw her ex boyfriend and Melissa together and now she’s sooo mad… to the point that she unfriended Melissa and blocked her! Can you believe it? She’s furious!

Well, Jessica is now asking me to do the same! I’m like…WHAT?
OMG… what do I do now?? This is so not right! I feel, like, life is not fair to me.

So, I’m telling Alyson, who sometimes we have pillow-fights together and we have lots of fun, and all she can say is: “Why? It’s easy to block someone”.

Is she for real?? No, she doesn’t understand that I just… wanna die!
I look at her trying to figure out what’s wrong with her and I finally realize she’s not telepathic.

OK, I need to do something, I need to make her understand. So, I put myself together and try my very best to explain her, as I would to a normal human being.

You see, Melissa is nice. Totally. And I don’t want to block her, but… Jessica is my bestest friend!! Do you understand how serious this is? What do I do??

Alyson is a bit tech-savvy, so she gives me a practical solution:

On your Facebook home page, look to the left column and find “Friends”,

Facebook Friends


hover your mouse and you’ll see “More” to the right of it. Click on “More”. A default list appears, as well as any other list you may have already created.
Click on “Acquaintances” or create a new list by clicking on the “+ Create List” button on top of the page.

Facebook Friends ListFace
Click on the “Add Friends to List” button, select Melissa and any other friend you don’t want them to see the next selfie you’re posting and click “Finish” when you’re done.
From now on, every time you Post something, you will be able to select who deserves to see it and who doesn’t.

By default, next to the “Post” button there’s an icon, either “Public” or “Friends”. Click on it and you’ll see “Who should see this?”, click on “More Options”, fb_post_01

select “Custom” and there you can include everyone and exclude Melissa.


OMG! I’m sooo happy! SJSML!! (She Just Saved My Life!). OK, I just made that up.



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