Francesco Vaccino Hello! My name is Francesco Vaccino. I’m an I.T. Professional, MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer), Web Developer, Systems and Database Administrator.

My professional experience include:
Software Quality Assurance Analyst at Xytech Systems in Burbank, California
I.T. Director at M2B World’s USA Headquarters in West Hollywood, California
Systems Administrator at Stark Services in North Hollywood, California
Founder of Affordable Data Solutions, Los Angeles, California
And most recently, founder of WebFlix, with operations in Italy and USA

I am available for remote long-term or short-term assignments, small or big projects, Web Development, Website Maintenance, Hosting, White Label Web Outsourcing. You may contact me using this form.

This is my personal blog, vaccino.com where you’ll find a recollection of my thoughts and opinions based on my professional experience regarding subjects that are of interest to us all in the web industry. Subjects such as Technology, Business, Marketing, Programming.

Here I also share tips on Windows, Microsoft Office and other MS products, Network, Email, Computers in general, etc…

I also like to write about different topics of personal interest, Music, Sports, World News, and whatever I feel like writing…

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Feel free to send me any comments, feedback, or suggestions about the site.

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